ZO Skin Health and Heliocare SPF

Everyone’s skin is unique, from its colour to its tone, texture and susceptibility to various skin conditions and signs of ageing. However, to some extent we are able to group certain skin types in to various categories; such as oily or congested skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, ageing skin and pigmentation.

At Sean White Aesthetics, we bring state-of-the-art, Harley Street treatments and procedures to Herne Hill near Dulwich village, and we make it our mission to produce the beautiful results for your skin that you’ll adore, but we also highly-recommend that you carry on the good work that we do here in the clinic, by using the highest-quality skincare in the comfort of your own home.

We recommend a range of at-home-use, cosmeceutical skincare products which are revered for their efficacy. These are ZO Skin Health and Heliocare SPF products..

What are ZO Skin Health skincare products?

ZO Skin Health skincare products are a range of highly-effective, clinically-proven cosmeceutical products designed for use on both the face and body. They were created by award winning dermatologist, Dr Zein Obagi. The ZO Skin Health range is suitable for all skin types and suit both men and women. The range includes cleansers, skin enhancers and scrubs as well as products which are specifically designed to hydrate, soothe and calm the skin.

The ZO range offers products for a variety of skin concerns, such as congested, oily skin, ageing skin and sensitive skin. There is also a sun protection range as this is vital for protecting the skin and maintaining its health. You will not find ZO Skin Health products in high-street chemists or department stores. They need to be selected for your individual skin concerns by a fully-trained ZO skin professional.

What are Heliocare SPF skin products?

Heliocare is a range of skincare products and supplements which feature high-factor SPF protection. Their efficacy has been scientifically proven in over 50 studies published in leading international medical journals and is recommended by hundreds of skincare professionals in the UK and many thousands, globally. Evidence demonstrates that Heliocare not only offers superior sun protection, but also prevents skin ageing, actinic damage, sun allergies and dark spots. Heliocare’s Fernblock® technology protects against the 4 radiations of the sun (UVA, UVB, VL and IR). It also neutralises free radicals and repairs sun damage, both inside and out.

Who can use ZO Skin Health and Heliocare products?

Most patients will benefit significantly from using ZO Skin Health and Heliocare as they contain clinically-proven and safe ingredients, famed for their high performance efficacy. Before using these products however, it’s important that you attend a no obligation consultation, in order for our practitioners to analyse your skin, so they can select the exacting products for your individual skin conditions and concerns.

Are ZO Skin Health and Heliocare products cruelty-free?

The good news is that ZO Skin Health and Heliocare products are not tested on animals and contain no animal-based products, therefore making them vegan and cruelty-free.

When will I see results from ZO Skin Health and Heliocare products?

ZO Skin Health and Heliocare products can be used alone or as part of a treatment programme, which will be created for you by your skin expert here at Sean White Aesthetics . The type of results you can expect will vary depending on which treatments you have in the clinic and how often you use the products at home. It’s important to use the products in accordance with your practitioner’s recommendations and maintain regular use for the very best outcomes.

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