You, but better.

Natural, beautiful results. This is what we strive for at Sean White Aesthetics. Be treated like an individual, not just another patient, at our clinic in Herne Hill, London. Tailored aesthetic treatments that deliver a great feeling on the inside, as well as the outside.

It’s you, but better.

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Offering advanced injectable treatments, established 2016

Once reserved for the A-list, injectable dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle treatments and skin boosters are available at Sean White Aesthetics in South East London. Sean sees women and an increasing amount of men in clinic. When you visit us for injectable treatments, a whole-patient approach is taken, to harmonise the face with combinations of techniques, rather than a one size fits all approach. It has taken years of dedication, constant training and mentoring to develop, and we continue to do so for the benefit of our patients.

The very best in non-surgical, non-invasive treatments

Carefully curated, the devices that Sean White Aesthetics invests in offer unrivalled results and efficiency. Not every patient that visits us wishes to have injectable treatments, which is why the treatment portfolio at our clinic continues to grow with the very best technology.

Open, honest aesthetics

Sean believes that aesthetics should be carried out with honesty and integrity. False hope and unrealistic expectations do not run in our clinic. Sean holds a network of both non-surgical and surgical peers across the UK, should he wish to refer patients on for treatments outside his offering.

Treatments for men and women in Herne Hill

  •   Facial aesthetics using the finest products
  •   Laser treatments for skin rejuvenation and fast hair removal
  •   A range of signature facials to enhance and prolong results
  •   Skincare products with routines designed for you by an expert

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